ES June 3rd 2013

Numbers for me today:

1652.50 bigger picture LVN

1645- 47 bigger picture HVN

Breakdown point and single prints from Fridays day session - 1638.50 - 1640.50

*****Bigger picture LVN and the current overnight POC - 1632.50....this will be the potential stumbling block for those trying for the close gap today if we open above that price today.

1628.75 - 29.75 - current O/N vpoc and fridays close

1626 is bigger picture HVN and last weeks low...

below here is 1621 - 1622...lower edge of the bell curve

at these lower prices we ran into a bell curve that had the HVN at 1626, and the LVN's at 1632 and then one at 1622...nice and symetric..

hopefully a picture later...but the HVN sits right in the middle of it at 1626

lets see where the O/N range ends up in 90 minutes!!
sorry Tradequeen but I have no insight...perhaps somebody with a longer term view can help. It seems many of us here are so short term that we don't follow much of the news except the REACTION points from the news.

I never know what those with more money than me ( Which is most people- lol) will do or have planned. I only try to follow in their tracks left behind with volume and market profile.
I'm with you Bruce... News just usually gets me into trouble. I try to stay away as well. I don't but I try. My buddy has (who introduced me to this madness!) has a totally different trade style than I do.

He follows the ^vix and 10y treasury. And the news...

I have to say he's usually right when I'm wrong... My big question is... Am I right when he's wrong?!! He never says. grrrrrr. Anyway... It's not a biggy.... I just thought I'd through it out here because I figured things would slow down, plus he called and asked me.

Thanks for your reply and all your insight as always.
sheesh.. guess i should "throw" it out there.. not "through" it out there...uhhh

Good night all!
I think today ( tuesday)we will see a retest of the 38.50 - 40 zone off the 45 - 47 taking tries up 5.5 and weekly pivot probability filled in

often u will see this pattern.. a blow through of a low volume point hitting up against a HVN...then they come back for the LVN retest