ES Friday 8-30-13

I think we will see both sides of the open print today and two 30 minute bars go through the open today...magnet is 39.50.....two ideal setups today one mentioned on the video other is to see them drive up and then run out of gas to roll over to downside..

No video below? Try this link: Friday.swf

next time i'm gonna see how many times I can say the word "magnet "....ha !!

I basically need to see them push out above 41.25 or under 36.25 before I think of doing anything today...

The open price will be important and I think pitbull type trades will work well I'm expecting a pushes away from the opne to return back
we opened at the magnet theory should be good for the concepts I mentioned and we should return there a few times...allow market to go 2 points if you are agressive to get back there,,prefereable near the 36 area
going in from 35...we have that On ledge broken....they may suck in stops to drive to the 34 ...hope not.
pitbullers are in...trying to get to 37 first..concern is that it's friday and everyone worried with syria...I hate thinking !!
reports coming so take something off just in case
not looking so great for our runners ...perhaps magnet will fail us today !

c'mon.....lets push this up !!
trying agin from 31.50...I have a zone at 30.50 - 31.50...single prints up at 30 minute low to target
trying to get 34.25
they usually like to test those breakdown that afternoon low is the point I want tested...
they need to get back above that late afternoon low and build support.....problem now is that the Ib range draws to a close in 5 if they decide to push out the IB low then our runners are toast !!
Out Break even.. Tough time of day to trade I believe

I think Bruce had it right consolidation