ES Friday 8-30-13

I think we will see both sides of the open print today and two 30 minute bars go through the open today...magnet is 39.50.....two ideal setups today one mentioned on the video other is to see them drive up and then run out of gas to roll over to downside..

No video below? Try this link: Friday.swf

very surprised that the the 38.50 - 40 zone hasn't printed today yet again....especially since the open was right at the zone....another open and drive so far but we are still inside yesterdays range...that is the ONLY good thing that gives us some hope.

c'mon lets get above that 34 area and try to work some magic !!
most can see where the minus 8 came in today....but if not then we wait to see them push at least two points beyond a swing high or getting long two pints under that 34.25 swing low from yesterday was a good place to look

we've been spoiled and the plans have worked a bit too easy this today they made it harder and we get humbled a bit...sometimes being humbled means that only your runners didn't do what we wanted them to do.....we can still take out small profits in the process

85 % of the time we don't have inside days so the probability traders will try to break the IB to get that low from yesterday if they can

I'll be stopped on runners if the IB low breaks

that 34 is a tuff spot for us
only two things for me to watch for now....

1) to see if they can leave single prints on the breakdown from the IB low

2) see if they can get back above that 34 area..

it's tuff posting on a public forum and not getting it right wasn't a great read on my part but the thing is we have to make sure we try to take out little bits and realize when we are out of synch

ideal would be to see them get yesterdays lows and leave those single prints off the IB behind...then we can try to chip away at the long small numbers to try to get the IB test !

patience ..and it's friday....we don't dig financial holes on Fridays ( or any day)...we take what they give and keep our cool

we are one time framing down and there has been no test of a previous bracket high......yet !!!
Right or wrong it's great to see the theory behind your trades. Very educational stuff. Keep it up
31.50 is the singles and the test we just need a way to get long without risking too much

under 30 could be good
Thinking this 1629.50 area might hold up..

Break out point from two days ago
Tested on open yesterday
An LVN on a composite chart

The market will tell us...
what we need now is everyone who was short to say " Hey man, it doesn't look like yesterdays low is coming so we better cover shorts and buy it back"...this would add fuel to our long side

more wishful thinking but we can dream !!

the midpoint of today is right near that 34 so something to keep in mind if you are trying in long a s that low holds then we have a shot...

rememeber the bracket high test even if this fails at the IB may come in handy later
I like your thinking sharks....I just hate how that IB low is being stubborn
Bruce - thank you so much for posting. I have really benefitted from your experience. There is a Kerry/Syria press conference at 12:30 ET - maybe that explains the ineffectiveness of buyers?
wanted a long at 31.00 but didn't pull trigger, weak bottom, need to learn

Trade what I see not what I think
Out Break even.. Tough time of day to trade I believe

I think Bruce had it right consolidation