ES Friday 8-30-13

I think we will see both sides of the open print today and two 30 minute bars go through the open today...magnet is 39.50.....two ideal setups today one mentioned on the video other is to see them drive up and then run out of gas to roll over to downside..

No video below? Try this link: Friday.swf

i'm trying for 33.75...i want out before that swing low and that midpoint..then will try to hold but working small numbers so not much to play with
midpoint is 34.50...right near that other bracket high....I think I am being overly optimistic on this trade
got stopped at 31.75....two tics away from target too...
for me I need to see 27.50 - 29 zone...otherwise I'm just watching

I really want them to run yesterdays lows
2nd attempt at long from down here possible short squeeze
for those still here

we are one time framing down

into a zone of 27.50 - 29

no test of a previous bracket high

bigger support areas are 24.50 and 20.50

I am trying agin from 29 knowing that that low is still there from yesterday...will cover at a loss there...this is a zone
looking for VPOC at 1632.25..

Will see
heres my thoughts and some friday babble on one time framing and bracket tests....runners get no love least so far...

doesn't seem like this ones gonna go either...
No video below? Try this link: friday_babble.swf

Bailed out early
Thx for the video Bruce

Great explanation of one time framing down.
Out Break even.. Tough time of day to trade I believe

I think Bruce had it right consolidation