ES Friday 8-30-13

I think we will see both sides of the open print today and two 30 minute bars go through the open today...magnet is 39.50.....two ideal setups today one mentioned on the video other is to see them drive up and then run out of gas to roll over to downside..

No video below? Try this link: Friday.swf

it seems that this could get dangerous ...meaning that us traders have this zone that we are trying to get pops up out of so what are we all gonna do if/when they get under that 27.50...? Well, I'll be out by then but many won't and they would start selling ...

and if you get enough players on the wrong side it could lead to some additional selling ...besides the sellers doing breakout selling trades off those lows...

so basically we don't want to see these mini pops up that go nowhere and then it makes the new lows...

we need this to do our bracket high test NOW

get above that 31.50 high...that would be the test...!!
VPOC shift down, not quite sure where that leaves us???
ahh...I can live again....taking most off at 31.50....these were small trades...will try to hold two only...for 33.50 as next target

not confident but it was a cool trade idea....higher risk no doubt

we had a zone and a concept that was suppose to happen...and it did off the zone...but I must add that it wasn't easy and it took two tries form that zone

28.75 will take my runners

I'd much rather have the magnet work and make money faster then this kind of stuff....they were suppose to have at least two - 30 minute bars trade on the open print today.....they behaved badly for us
this is in hindsight of course but your vpoc shift down also happened when we formed the lowest 30 minute bar range of the that was possibly saying that we have a struggle at the area..and a volatility contraction.

always easier to say stuff like that after the fact but that is just my thoughts......they are making the "b" pattern near the lows.....usually not great for bears..
Originally posted by sharks57

VPOC shift down, not quite sure where that leaves us???
this is when my mind starts playing tricks and tries to find reasons to stay long......look at 30 minute engulfment bar on this current bar..

I'd like to see this bar close above the IB low..
Thx Bruce, wasn't sure what to make of that

Nice hold on your long, I got out early
keep in mind it is not wise or probable for a market to go from one time framing down to one time framing it is always better to take off heavy and then maybe get lucky......

but expecting us to all of a sudden start one time framing up isn't wise...of course it does happen but consolidation is the better bet now
i have stop in place and going to bring the puppy out....hope all do well from turned out to be ok today just wish the magnet would have worked it's magic earlier......
Not real confident of this low point unless we break above 1632.50 area.
Long hoping to break 32.50
Out Break even.. Tough time of day to trade I believe

I think Bruce had it right consolidation