ES Tuesday 10-1-13

not a great read today.......they will get at least one of those POC's but which one...?

agressive buy zone will be at 74.50 - 76.....better zone is at 70 - 71

sell zone is 81 - 82 as agressive because of Fridays poc above....tuff areas this morning...I'll be trading lighter as too much congestion in here
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_10-1-13.swf

we are set to open inside the VA of better to wait for extremes I think
no bracket low test on this run up high will it need to go before they test a 30 minute low....? Hopefully not much higher at all and will do the test after 11:30 closes....the problem for me is that I know those short will once again have stops at the the stops may lead to a higher push up then I am ready to deal with on this fa de
oh that was a gift !!! they read my mind in a good way for a change........smallest 30 minute bar of the day...the trend leads to the pause in price...lucky move into that 11:30 close
still no bracket tetst though and my runners can't wait around forever!....with two sets of single and no bracket test I find it difficult to not see the low test coming into that single print zone
runners taken...will look once more but will wait until we come back under 86.50...single prints from the overnight at 89.25 and 91.....

if I was to try the fade INTO higher prices I would need to see one of those print first before thinking about it...preferably the 91 number
error on my at 90 - 91 and Nicks comments earlier confirm that zone...gonna go small in front as this is third set of single trying to form..moving sell idea to a hit of 87 and will do battle with Fridays highs again I'll either be selling the 87 or selling if/ when we get into the 90 - 91 zone
interesting that the daily range is now 15.25!
covering some at 97.50
bracket low test coming I hope
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covering some at 97.50

Bruce... I noticed in the video yesterday that you sounded like you had a cold.

Are you taking heavy meds for it? ------->>>> 97.50 ouch.

seriously, thanks for mentioning those singles up at 90-91.
oh that would hurt...87.50....LOL!!
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1692.25-2.50 is a buy imho....
...ooops meant 1682-2.50 of course... have a great last hour guys... See ya.