ES Tuesday 10-1-13

not a great read today.......they will get at least one of those POC's but which one...?

agressive buy zone will be at 74.50 - 76.....better zone is at 70 - 71

sell zone is 81 - 82 as agressive because of Fridays poc above....tuff areas this morning...I'll be trading lighter as too much congestion in here
No video below? Try this link: tuesday_10-1-13.swf

we are set to open inside the VA of better to wait for extremes I think
runners will stop out at target is trying for 85.75...want to get the dip into those single prints....that second set for final target...still no bracket test
I might also point out that besides being a target from 2 different projections (the all important correction low of 1666.75 and a short term one ) the 1689.75 level is an exact fib. retracement level (.382) of the entire decline from 1726.75 to the 1666.75 low. hence the pause today so far. im hoping for 1685.50 or 1684.25 on this short.
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es 12 13 3 min 1012013
moving final stop on last runner to good place to stay out of the noise
pulled the plug at 86.50...I have no good place and only .75 away from target....can't manage this..even though I think those singles will fill in
well theres 1685.50... time to cover
congrats to all who were able to hold through that
1692.25-2.50 is a buy imho....
Originally posted by koolblue

1692.25-2.50 is a buy imho....
...ooops meant 1682-2.50 of course... have a great last hour guys... See ya.