ES Thursday 10-3-13

Strong odds we trade to 83.75 in the day session two explains why.....extra babble and hopefully some will have time to watch when they get a chance
No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_one.swf

No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_two.swf

I have1680.50 as a major Volume point of control on a composite chart
so far we are failing at the lower edge of that bell....if we think of the bell as 82, 84.50 center and 87 as upper edge..good for us shorts now
trying to get to 78.75 but I guess u composite folks are in my way....
oh man..they are playing nice today...!
that's it for me...this is lower zone and may try to pick at longs but I'm too fired up and not a good stop and reverse player
you shorts ran us over
74 - 75 is another point for me....trying longs down here to get back to 77.
70 - 72 is and was my prefereed by spot that missed yesterday....going small down here in the 74 - 75 spot
so far it's looking like I have my target too high...I want to get out in front of that other zone in the 77.50 - 78.50 spot..if we all thin hard we can pull it up
stopped out...I guess we aren't thinking hard enough...
71ish coincided with IB Lo too.