ES Thursday 10-3-13

Strong odds we trade to 83.75 in the day session two explains why.....extra babble and hopefully some will have time to watch when they get a chance
No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_one.swf

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anyone trying longs from 63 - 65 ??
Originally posted by BruceM

anyone trying longs from 63 - 65 ??
.... no... too scares but looks good so far.. good luck!
just too many single prints on the chart.....I'd like to see them get above 67 into 69.50
Exactly, Bruce. i have the red ema i use right there at 1667
Maybe it is still searching for 1660ish below?
I think a failure at the current lows will see them want to try for 60.50 but lets think positive for now...for me the 67 was just one tick above Mondays's not good that they can't hold above there
oh yeah...we are thinking alike stockster!!
1661 and change gets me long... otherwise im an interested observer.
another test down and I am out....this low of monday needs to crack and get up into the 69.50 on this push.......
and let me add that I really hate it when they do those double tests of key areas to check on us !!!
71ish coincided with IB Lo too.