ES Thursday 10-3-13

Strong odds we trade to 83.75 in the day session two explains why.....extra babble and hopefully some will have time to watch when they get a chance
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how I saw it.....
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es 12 13 5 min 1032013
a retest of 70.75 will stop me out on the measly amount left
somedays it's almost as if they know where MY particular stop is .....gonna just watch until they push into the 69.50 - 70 .....lower edge...if they even do....
for me 62.75 - 65 becomes the big zone to watch....that is a gap high, and old VPOC and an unfilled close gap......if we ever get there...but it looks like they stopped me out and may run up without me...frustrating but part of the business...can't chase ..I hate initiating when I know a bell curve is trying to form....that 72 is at the center
if I can find a long down here then 72 needs to be the target...this the lower edge for me from 69.50 we can try ....but small !!!
trying to target 71.50...damn...they may make me suffer again...
Whew!..that was stop on the runners is 69 even...that way if stopped i still have some profit.
oh man....that was cool....still no bracket will come off at 74 if I get lucky but the story of runners is a sad one !!!
messed up and would have come out heavier but for some reason I didn't notice the bracket is the 30 minute VPOC concept at work.....

this vidiot is done posting videos for today...over the limit
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71ish coincided with IB Lo too.