ES Thursday 10-3-13

Strong odds we trade to 83.75 in the day session two explains why.....extra babble and hopefully some will have time to watch when they get a chance
No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_one.swf

No video below? Try this link: thursday_part_two.swf

about a minute in I say it's Tuesday day session high..I meant wednesday.....sorry
forgot to mention on video two that I would also use the 81 - 82 area as a buy spot as especially if the 83.75 hasn't printed yet.....that is afternoon pullback low point...see letters "L" and "M" on my MP chart....damn ...these videos are suppose to get easier for me....ha !!!
Thanks Bruce. Great explanation. Always appreciated
I am buying 82.75 and under pre day session open and keeping it small..hoping for a push lower first in day session and 83.75 needs to be the target
thanks Bkay and thanks for the other folks comments at the end of yesterday too...Nick and daddy etc...
all of us wanting to get that On high want that 81 - 82 to hold now.....
that rocked...that is center of the bell...good target but a tuff place to initiate trades
Nice perspective Bruce with the videos, thx
1684.50 Yest VPOC and break of o/n high
I'd like to see 82 become resistance now so we can target that 78 - 79 zone
71ish coincided with IB Lo too.