ES Friday 10-25-13

Two videos showing the Automatic Line Generator Method...or affectionately know as the A.L.G.M.... Ha ! .second video covers the profile to just confirm the areas and the daily bar
No video below? Try this link: friday_part_one.swf

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.this is just gambling in front of a report keep it small is my advice if u play..went flat at 49 print just too close taking small pieces and will wait untill 10 a.m now
I'd like to see a push under 46.50 to look for a long or a push above the 51.75 for sells...Ideally near the 53.50...I'm not using the 48 - 49 to initiate from post report
so cool how the selling tail from yesterday is trying to be it any wonder where overnight vpoc is ?? they can't even get a gap fill yet
agree, 45.5 would be perfect imo for a long try back to 48.5-49
on the 53.25...and light...trying for 51.50 front of our 51.25 line
gap in the data on all time frames at 51.25....that is first target for me
this is sellingtail from 10-22....high risk though is rare to see a gap in data that occurs in all time frames go targets for me 49-49.5 and 45-46

internals pretty average for an attempt to break all time highs so the short made a lot of sense as they are no big buyers helping them on this attempt

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gap in the data on all time frames at 51.25....that is first target for me
came out heavy at target...good eyes Nick...trying to hold but not much ammo...we will either go back down to our 48 - 49 zone from here or we will make new contract highs above that is my one prediction for today and the 51.25 will decide how that plays out
that was my second scale at the 49-49.5....have a few left for 45-46 if they decide to push that much...entry was right at 53.5, right in that 53.5-54.5 zone i had marked on my chart...only trade for me today
i don't bruce....they are there because i have it on all my charts (just simple macd and rsi indicators) but i just don't pay attention to them...sorry

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nick can you explain how you u use your indicators in the lower panels...?
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here's what i am seeing

this looks poised for a breakout after nq keeps making all time highs...will be extra careful given taht it is friday and they proly want thte new all time high headlines on the 7 o' clock news !

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