ES Friday 11-8-13

...key numbers below YD lows are are 1740 ****

1736 - 37.50


above I will be using 46.50, 48.50....the O/N high at 51...then 53.75 - 55.75 as a lower edge of the big bell with 58.50 as it's center...the is 61 - 62.25 above

basic plan :

not sure where we if we open and drop down then I buy the 40 and try to but the 36 area....if we open and go up first I try to sell 45- 46.50, 48.50 and then prefer to see them push out the On high as close to 53 as possible
No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

that is exactly how i had my numbers laid out today bruce fwiw...i chose to skip anything between 51.5 and 55.5 and treat it as a big lvn

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I made the mistake of having too many numbers in my sights today...the problem for me was that I had a bell stacked on top of a bell so I had the 55.50 and the 51 as LVn's but also had 53.75 as the middle seperating those LVN areas.......then the 55.50 was the lower LVN of the upper bell with 58 - 59 as the center and 61.50 - 52.50 as upper edge..........anybody get that ...? LOL !!

too many numbers close buy makes it difficult.
our 48.75 and 44 worked well but now they are giving us headaches...still prefer the short side
I think we could see that 51 again soon
Long from 55. Double top, and all that 58-59 too much to resist
Will scale at 57 and try for 58.50
Half off at 57
BE will stop me out
nicely done bkay
Thanks, still got something left to try for higher, Afraid as we close the 30 minute it'll test my stop
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nicely done bkay
... i second that..much rather buy than sell... till 1765-66 any way
66-67, right on time before the close

good weekend all !

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have a good one bruce...see in two weeks

forum has been pretty active lately...i hope everybody does not dissapear because bruce is gone for two weeks...let's try to keep up it up

good weekend everyone....still think they might want tthat 66-67 test, just to show who is in charge