ES Tuesday 2-4-14

can't fit all of the day session charts as the range was too big and the view would be too small....hopefully this will work going into overnight and tomorrow.....lots of lines repeat or come close to help create the confluence areas

bigger picture composite chart first
Click image for original size

day session Mp chart - thin black lines are single prints
Click image for original size

then my all inclusive chart to help find the key bell curves
Click image for original size

Examples of how I would create zones : composite chart has an LTN at 49 and I have single prints at 51.50 so 49 - 51.50 becomes a zone...but the bell curve chart shows a LVN and LTN at 51.98 so I would make the zone 49 - 52

another example..composite chart has an HTN and an LTN price at 43.12 and 45.63 ...and we have single prints at 44.75 on the MP that becomes a zone...but the bell curve chart has a POC based on one minute at 42.33 ( see orange line on the right) so I would have to expand that zone a bit and probably make it 42.50 - 45.50...bigger volatility makes the zones wider so that makes sense
reason that i would use the 54.50 as a stop or awareness point- u can see on my third chart that started this thread..the esh4 chart ...the bulk in volume labeled at 54.11...and composite chart has you don't want much time spent above that.......unfortunately yesterday left a lot of these annoying little bell curves sticking out and that point is another center of a bell curve
you nail trade or not.. nice