ES Friday 2-21-14

first some they need to fill in the low volume spot and round out a bell curve before making consistent new highs and keep rallying ? that would imply trade back into the 34 area
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next we have the last two days...note single prints at 34.50.....we have two distinct bell curves from Thursday

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here is just yesterday as per time

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finally the overnight against yesterday...note how POC/vpoc is at YD VA high and O/N low is right near the singles from yesterday

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most overnight traders are long which usually implies some form of correction unless big volume comes in...I want to try and sell that 40 area especially if we open in Value today or buy that 34 and that 32 area....I had volume from Wednesday at 41.50 and 42.75 so the key upper zone runs from 40 - 42.75

here is what that upper part of tuesday looks like
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Great Review Bruce very helpful

if you are on the short from the 42 area then use the 40 area as a first target.....we would need this to get back under yesterdays VA high otherwise they may go flush bears out again
the probability of an overnight high or low being broken is messing me up.....since we bounced off the POC of YD and we are having trouble up here I'm thinking they may do the flush and run out that O/N high...
I'm on third short try......explain later.....was using 40, 41.50 and 42.75...I wantto see 40.50 retested...but hate how volume is building at 41.50...probability still messing with my mind
coming out heavy on of 40.25 ( one minute ldge is there).........if the VA high of yesterday is going to still hold as support than they can easily push to that On high....i don't like conflicts and just not sure up here
I was watching the 42.00 to 43.00 area as well Bruce because of the TPO action from 2/19. Also thought O/N hi would run out. didn't act on it, hind sight is always 20/20.
final for me is off at great reason except OR low is here...not planning on doing anything else...

wanted to thank folks for voting and the good words yesterday...always appreciate the feedback....hoping to make a one minute entry video later which may be of use to some
Looking forward to your video, Bruce. You killed that trade the day before yesterday. Will be interested to see when you use it. TIA.
Thanks Bruce, the video would be great. Still struggling with a proper entry.
yeah sharks...those probabilities can mess ya up........sometimes it just sucks to THINK !

lots like to say stuff like " Theres the 96% probability - DONE " but yet you rarely hear them actually in a trade to get that probability.......

anyone holding now really wants to see this stay under that VA high of yesterday and you will probably get the O/N low if real lucky into the 34.50 LVN
great...and experiment with may like range charts or 3 minute etc....

never a good thing if we start getting double or triple tpo prints in LVN's...u want to see rejection that never looks back....seems like they may want to eventually fill in that 34.50 from first chart today......nice how the bigger time frame confirmed the chart from yesterdays day session...that first chart today was a 30 minute composite that started way back in October of 2013......just time !!! cool stuff
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Got it. Thanks !