ES Friday 3-7-14

not much going on...using 84 - 85 ....ON high and 90 - is a quick video
No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

Warning !!!!! for anyone trading now I donot think this is the crystal ball tells me that 99 % of the time we will make new highs if not now then first thing in day session expect market to get above 87.50 still...
I'm expecting the 84 - 85 to act as support and push us to new highs in the overnight...I also think that we will come all the way back to 78.50 and 75.50 in the day session today...! Bold predictions .....
if we can get back up to 84.75 now in O/N I will be a buyer.... which area I mentioned gets tested first will be decided by this 84 - 85 even though I expect 78.50 and new highs above overnight, I donot know which will happen first...I'd like to see overnight run out first
any longs will use 86 as a first it's scalper mode here at 84.50...
exiting at 84.25.....will try again ...will wait for day session...and longs will use 86 as first magnet and then that O/N opening range closely today
I'd like to see them clean up 1883...then will hunt longside again.....I know I am doing lots of early babble but they will get the new high or that 78 and even though I think BOTH will happen, I only really care about trading to target one of them !!
once again will try to buy 84.75
using opening range as the filter for those targets...and take something on the way
coming out at 78.50 on most...will try for 76.50 on last...look at your one minute range.....if they broke the high I would have beenn long....but I sold the low.....if we get back above the OR high we can look for buys and expect the 86 and O/N high to run
the first potential sign that we will take a try at the O/N highs is that we will see price frim up above yesterdays highs on these retest from I am stopped out at 80.50 on runners.....if we make new lows I will look for shorts and target 76.50 and 75.50....otherwise my plan is to hunt longs to target 86 even and On highs
selling 79.75...don't want to see this above 81.50 now
gap in the data at 73....I think this pop up now into 74.75 - 75.50 is a fake out and would be the sell area..vpoc nearby....good luck..I've said too much already !!!