ES Friday 3-7-14

not much going on...using 84 - 85 ....ON high and 90 - is a quick video
No video below? Try this link: friday.swf

Warning !!!!! for anyone trading now I donot think this is the crystal ball tells me that 99 % of the time we will make new highs if not now then first thing in day session expect market to get above 87.50 still...
it was were volume came in.apk..trying one last short from 77 now..74.75 is target then try to hold....
skew is still down...see jerrys vwap thread at traders lab if ya don't know that stuff
got target but what kind of ridiculous hold was that ?? we need to be careful because it seems as if this market is trying to hold above the developing VA low which now sits at 73.50 so it's best to come out heavier even if you think the 71.75 is coming still.....we just can't be sure here...vpoc just flipped down to 75.50 and I am not convinced that they won't pop back up to test that's still lunchtime...our 71.75 is in sight but we need to keep it tight now
71- 71.75 is a POSSIBLE support zone......there are some that will try to buy that and close to it in order to go back up to vpoc at 75.50.
just went flat at 72 even...not reversing and shutting down platfrom...good luck from here..I have no other objectives on the chart
all i can say is odds have it that this will not be the only test of will come back down again to it and go under that this isn't the spot go long as I expcet another test of that number
Nice hold Bruce, thanks for sharing
gap in the data at 73....I think this pop up now into 74.75 - 75.50 is a fake out and would be the sell area..vpoc nearby....good luck..I've said too much already !!!