ES Thursday 3-13-14

Prices are for June..two key resistance zones close by will be 67 - 68.25 and 70 - 71.25.....only two points apart...yikes......64-65 is magnet zone and we may see more than one TPO there today...then 60-61.50, 57.50 ( center of YD bell curve, vpocs etc) and 55.50....the ledge low but will also watch 53 below as volume entered there and then 49

here is weekly first
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then here is On against key levels
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I'd like to sell above On high into key zones expecting 65 to retest..that would be best trade idea today...can also buy the 60- 61.50 but only if we open under 65 and drop down.....that is more risky to me..if you buy the 57.50 vpoc then use 60 as a for multiple TPO's printing on key range extremes unless u see big volume enter on open today...
had to take something at 63.50 to make up for earlier loss that I didn't get to post.....still like that high as a target and 65.50 but not sure I can hold in this./ trade for me was short in upper zone but then I started looking at order flow experimental ideas that so far are not my longs messed me up and kept me from holding short
61.50 is near YD highs and O/N VPOC so if buyers can take over this would be the place...failure here will go down to 59.75..
rollover volume is goofing with my head......but I just can't see why we should be selling even if my runners get stopped on this push down I will still look for longs as we need to go back to 64 again...and higher
only good thing is we can see how well the 64 - 65 magnet is working...
they will break this 64 high so even though runners just got stopped I will look to buy again at Ib low and 59.75....this is experimental for me.....which means I may be wrong and big time...IB is complete
averaged in at 60.25..keeping this all small as I know if they enter a bell curve they can push to 58 area we gotta pierce the range of Yesterdays highs again to try and get something off...this is not looking good and I feel the order flow may be messing me up
out at 59.25.... ...just plain wrong on this read
will try one more long against VPOC but won't be using the order flow
long 58...looking to get back to 60
stopped at entry ..failed target...will try once more but then may have to assume that they want to push to the other side of the bell down at 55.50
should of stay with 1st stop..but i think they call that hindsight