ES Thursday 3-13-14

Prices are for June..two key resistance zones close by will be 67 - 68.25 and 70 - 71.25.....only two points apart...yikes......64-65 is magnet zone and we may see more than one TPO there today...then 60-61.50, 57.50 ( center of YD bell curve, vpocs etc) and 55.50....the ledge low but will also watch 53 below as volume entered there and then 49

here is weekly first
Click image for original size

then here is On against key levels
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I'd like to sell above On high into key zones expecting 65 to retest..that would be best trade idea today...can also buy the 60- 61.50 but only if we open under 65 and drop down.....that is more risky to me..if you buy the 57.50 vpoc then use 60 as a for multiple TPO's printing on key range extremes unless u see big volume enter on open today...
ackwired iphone is the same
Thanks, Duck.
Tough day all around to be a fader.
buy 43.75 reason it a rat # using 3 point stop to start
FWIW 43.50 is also 3/3 poc, Duck. Good luck with the trade.
45.75 1st target
stop move 42.25
i am out .....
should of stay with 1st stop..but i think they call that hindsight