ES Thursday 3-13-14

Prices are for June..two key resistance zones close by will be 67 - 68.25 and 70 - 71.25.....only two points apart...yikes......64-65 is magnet zone and we may see more than one TPO there today...then 60-61.50, 57.50 ( center of YD bell curve, vpocs etc) and 55.50....the ledge low but will also watch 53 below as volume entered there and then 49

here is weekly first
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then here is On against key levels
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I'd like to sell above On high into key zones expecting 65 to retest..that would be best trade idea today...can also buy the 60- 61.50 but only if we open under 65 and drop down.....that is more risky to me..if you buy the 57.50 vpoc then use 60 as a for multiple TPO's printing on key range extremes unless u see big volume enter on open today...
I'm buying 57 and 55....with the plan to go in heavier at 55....53 will be my uncle point...60 is target...single prints exists off the IB..
revising target to 59.50 and will try to hold....big blunders today so far .....I take full credit but I should have still been in March contract this AM...still have keys and magnets at 64 for June and that damn current HODj
Trying to go long down here too Bruce after several failed tries.
Yesterday Value area low in here
Tried 61.50 no fill basis March
Long from 62.50 basis March
Out B/E they sure are stubborn today
Long form 60.75 Mar see if it holds
Trying to fade trend days is a tough road to go down
Since this is now a trending day, and we faders are pretty much staying out of the way, let me ask about something. Does anyone else have trouble monitoring My Pivots on an IPAD? Often my screen just does not react at all when I "click-touch" it. The IPAD seems to work fine on other sites or programs. But it does frustrate me in My Pivots.
should of stay with 1st stop..but i think they call that hindsight