ES Wednesday 6-11-14

a bit distracted this morning but here are my thoughts...
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I have been reading this forum for a while now. Very interesting stuff in here if you are daytrading the e-mini.
I have read both of Jim Dalton's books (several times) and I also did the 60-day Intensive Course by Jim Dalton in January 2014.
It is nice to see market profile principles being applied in real time by Bruce and others.

I was contemplating to register at, but I was not sure if I could add anything useful by posting. When I could not view the posts today without registering first, the decision was made for me: hence my first post.

I wanted to especially say thanks to Bruce: for all the explanatory charts, the real-time postings, for taking the time to make and post the video's.
I really appreciate them.
This 9G DOM its sponsored by Optimus Trading.
This is not a recommendation, just for information purposes.
thanks for the good words aladdin and please post anything you like...there are no wrong answers here and all ideas are welcome........
don't think I can take much time framing has stopped and almost this entire day has been spent UNDER YD buying tail LEDGE....value is lower and the ONLY thing I like is that they are keeping the closes above the open and the lows of yesterday..volume is terrible too...I consider this as just gambling now somethings gotta happen soon or I'm gonna get out at break even or slightly less
O/N low and O/N high have not been taken out (yet).
As the O/N low @1940.00 is nearer current price, maybe the O/N low will be taken out in RTH?
great point aladdin...the 95 % probability...I forgot about that...TY
late in the day and I don't think anyone expects value higher so the short is obvious way to lean ( hopefully not too obvious) and we are closing under IB and YD low now on this bracket
a hell of a way to print a minus 4 number....zoinks !!
flat on the last runner once we touched the nvpoc at 38.5
usually the 2 pm bracket doesn't put in the low or high for a day...just pointing that out and a slight close under the LVN node...only by a tick or so....on the flip side we tested last thursdays POC/vpoc to the that was bell curve trading at it's finest for those who actually took a POC long....congrats....good luck from here...looking forward to listen to Dalton talk about the end of the day at 3:15 today......c ya in the trading platform is shut down so I don't get tempted
wow it sure is easy to look at the left side of the chart...I'm not digging this webinar so far....