ES Thursday 6-12-14

How is see it....long bias as long as we open under O/N midpoint and YD highs......only thing that will change my mind is if we close below YD low on 30 minute time frame...key area will be 41.75 - 42.50 but will also have to use 39.75 edge of buying tail which is also S2 I'm basically treating 39.75 - 42.50 as one big zone to buy off of...hopefully we won't have to try too many times...and we may need to start in the On session...

ON vpoc and POC is currently at O/N midpoint ...a strong magnet if it holds there before RTH opens
No video below? Try this link: thursday.swf

I think it was still this morning but I just like to trade the previous month - June - the first half of the session
From my observations in O/N trading the June-contract will still have the most volume.
At the start of RTH trading tomorrow, traders will switch to the September-contract.
Is the anomaly @ 1927.50 the final destination for today?
I'm looking at September now and I wanted to Brag about how much money I made on my call for the 17 - 20 area projection...that would be a total of -


that is a cool anomolly aladdin in June and just poking out of the VA low of that day...S3 is 29 today so I would expect that they should pop up from under there to retag the 29 at least
There you go: 29 and up...
Will 1931.25 be next?
Probably looking at 1905.25 (NPOC / NVPOC) in ESU4 - tomorrow maybe - before any move back up.

Bruce, good to see you back here!
thanks stockster...good to be back...this days is gonna end as a double D day with 24 - 25 separating the two bell curves
working that bell curve down to 03-99,need to see if it holds bottom of mid at 19