ES Thursday 6-12-14

How is see it....long bias as long as we open under O/N midpoint and YD highs......only thing that will change my mind is if we close below YD low on 30 minute time frame...key area will be 41.75 - 42.50 but will also have to use 39.75 edge of buying tail which is also S2 I'm basically treating 39.75 - 42.50 as one big zone to buy off of...hopefully we won't have to try too many times...and we may need to start in the On session...

ON vpoc and POC is currently at O/N midpoint ...a strong magnet if it holds there before RTH opens
No video below? Try this link: thursday.swf

Looked like 37.50 got absorbed, but looks like a downward bias to me with VWAP holding back prices..
trying this again from 36.25...keeping it smaller as I have got two wins today and don't want to give much back....also the IB is now complete so will watch that IB low closely.....this is still much higher risk as all value is just about under YD VA... single prints sit above as a target ...33 - 34 is another area I am watching as a possible stop loss
37.75 is my target here...just before singles and that old POC..will it become resistence ?
June has a matching low which implies lower prices but September doesn't ...HMMM !!
exited this trade will try again if / when that low runs out..
ok trying again from 34.25..will watch singles at 33 closely and try to take something off at 36 even
Long as well from 34.25 trying for 2 points, weird price action down here
Not much conviction, lots of negative delta
FT71 says Volume delta not as meaningful due to rollover...
all done except for one to try to get gap in data at 37 butthat may just be a mirage with rollover......that's it for me...3 for 3 small losses today which is very unusual and strange but two small scratches long June it's time for ZEPtember...only disappointent is that overnight midpint but that sets up the test for tomorrows midpoint even better.....seems like we may close his period very near to IB low...not impressed..
working that bell curve down to 03-99,need to see if it holds bottom of mid at 19