ES Monday 6 -16-14

how I see it...keep in mind that everyone is short in overnight as almost all time has been spent below last friday's closing usually we see some adjustment up or at the very least we can expect some attempt to go above the open print which can be useful to know...especially if they open and drive DOWN first today before going 2 - 3 tics up that 22 - 24 for clues too..... listen to Dalton on inventory adjustments for more info..
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here is some more babble about 50% trending price moves and opening range...disregard indicators on that chart...just something I am monkeying around with and not important..and as far as I know 50% isn't an official fib number !!
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Thanks for the videos, Bruce.

I would like to add that Friday was an inside day: 1914.50 and 1934.75 are the extremes from Thursday.
I mentioned the inside day on Video one aladin but I think many aggressive traders would be trying to buy or sell above the inside day extremes which would be fridays range but perhaps your research shows otherwise... I do not like the buys into a key LVN area like this 31 - 32 but good luck to anyone who is feeling lucky today...this seems like a big fake out rally to me and I wouldn't be surprised to see the 10 or 10:30 close back inside fridays range which could attract more sellers...not really sure......
all the volume sits at 30 so anyone getting short above the 31 needs to keep that in mind...31 - 32 is our key area...I'm gonna try small shorts up here at 32.25 and then call it a day.....very small just in case the breakout traders plan on winning...this is weekly PP, daily R1 and 50 % zone....
Bruce, I used to waste a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time with Fibs... technically, 50% is a fib.

oops, sorry Bruce, yes you are right about you mentioning the inside day in your video.

My sound quality is very poor, I don't know if it is a problem with my computer.
Bruce, nice call on the 22-24 area....Were you able to get on board that for a break of friday's poor highs ?
Genie says I should short 1934.75
exiting at 32.50 good win and one small loss today....just getting too close to Ib completion for me and value is building higher that Friday...still like this area though but I know if us sellers are wrong then 36 - 37 is in the plan for buyers and don't want that...they are trying to make single prints off of the break from the first 30 minute range which DIDN'T close above Fridays highs...this period is trying to close above that extreme ......

and no problem aladin...I was only mentioning the inside day again because of the difference in the extremes we were both watching
yes I was but not as big as I would have liked...ideally I wanted to see them push under that afternoon pullback low at 1923.25..instead I bought the open on the way back up as I had a strong probability that they would go at least 2-3 ticks above that open....I exited at 27.50 ahead of gap fill and then that poor high which was also right near the plus 4 number....not perfect but not complaining...hope somebody was able to use the ideas today
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Bruce, nice call on the 22-24 area....Were you able to get on board that for a break of friday's poor highs ?
Thought I missed my opportunity. Had to talk to a guy about some bees. Really, had a bee invasion yesterday and am trying to find a way to remove them without killing them. Anyway 2850 broke. The VPOC moved up to 2725 and 2500 is still there looking at me. We hit 2600. I'm not in the trade and don't knwow if I would have managed to take something off prior to that 2600, that LVM at 2650 might have done the trick. Ain't Hindsight grand:)