ES Monday 6 -16-14

how I see it...keep in mind that everyone is short in overnight as almost all time has been spent below last friday's closing usually we see some adjustment up or at the very least we can expect some attempt to go above the open print which can be useful to know...especially if they open and drive DOWN first today before going 2 - 3 tics up that 22 - 24 for clues too..... listen to Dalton on inventory adjustments for more info..
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yeah..I think it is a right of passage as a technical trader to explore fibs...I guess some can make them work but I'm not one of them

expecting 30.50 to retest but not onboard...
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Bruce, I used to waste a lot (and I mean A LOT) of time with Fibs... technically, 50% is a fib.

a close up of how today is unfolding against last weeks low time spot...that "M, S and T " tpo spot on the weekly I mentioned and weekly this stuff but can't always trade it well....good luck shorts... on a trending down movement bigger traders may try to sell above the 50 % mark....I think...LOL........when we think about it, it can be low risk...if you sold above the 50 % mark then you could use 75% back as a stop loss point in theory on a short idea and hold for new lows below last week...or take multiple tries with price action...just some ideas for anyone who likes the 50% concept
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the biggest problem I always have and I do mean ALWAYS is trying to reconcile what is happening on a longer time frame with what is happening with the shorter time the day wears on I get more and more confused......Today for example we are at the LVN and weekly midpoint where I would expect selling but we are building value HIGHER than Friday but we are also stuck inside the extremes of Thursday still as per the levels Aladin mentioned and also can't get outside the IB what should we believe...? Just another reason I have to focus on what I understand and that usually comes back to just the first 90 minutes or less
I am confused too...
Genie is still expecting 1914.50 or 1934.75
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I am confused too...
Genie is still expecting 1914.50 or 1934.75

1917.50 or 1934.75
Confusion occurs when what we wish is not what is.
interesting where the 50% mark is between Thursdays low and todays high...but of course we have other numbers there too..I'd like to see them keep this under 28.50 in order to press small lunchtime shorts and that IB low..if you look at 30 minute Vpoc u will see all the volume came in at 31.75 and that confirms that midpoint for another time
a look at just todays 30 minute bars with vpocs on them...most interesting is the thrid one of the day that was inside to the second 30 minute bar...( gee, an inside bar) ...that closes on the lows near the single print breakout point earlier...note the vpocs at the highs right in our low time tpoc zone and other numbers....that's all for me....hope all do well if they play from here
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That's deep, TI Anon, I'll have to think about that one.
I always thought: confusion is more like a box of chocolate :-)

Thanks, Bruce.
Since Dalton pointed it out during his Intensive Course, I started to pay more attention to inside bars.
But I find if difficult to discover clues on which side these inside bars might brake out.

did you like his course ? I heard it was ok but he never really commits ( posts) to a trade....a lot of after the fact stuff.....still helpful but many seem to want to nail him down about tempo still and actually taking a trade
Thought I missed my opportunity. Had to talk to a guy about some bees. Really, had a bee invasion yesterday and am trying to find a way to remove them without killing them. Anyway 2850 broke. The VPOC moved up to 2725 and 2500 is still there looking at me. We hit 2600. I'm not in the trade and don't knwow if I would have managed to take something off prior to that 2600, that LVM at 2650 might have done the trick. Ain't Hindsight grand:)