ES Wednesday 6-25-14

how I see it...I'm hoping to buy into support which really would be the following areas...1940, 1937 and the bigger one at 33.50....keep in mind that weekly S1 is at 1932 also..not mentioned on the video
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very interesting look at entire single print area from YD .....vpoc just flipped to 1944 ! so there are some that want to try and keep it above the lower part of singles - the 1944 and some that want to keep it under the upper part of singles at 1947.25...the more time we spend now under 1944 then the better it is for us bears
Great stuff Bruc.
As I said to you about 8 years ago, you (IMHO) are a master trader.
Thanks for your comments.
I should have recognized the overnight H the way you did.
coming out heavy at 42.75....this is center of YD afternoon's bell...see vpoc chart...and todays midpoint is nearby
thanks Paul and thanks for your input here....that O/N high was right inside those singles......
Have to agree with Paul. Bruce u are a master trader. Good work all
thanks for the feedback....this forum is a tough place sometimes because there isn't that much participation so it's good to know a few are out there and giving thoughts and ideas.....this video expands on a few things that I can't always mention while in a can imagine the difficulty it is to do both but it can also be a distraction after trade initiation or while trying to be patient and let runners run...anyway I hope this explains a few things
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this is just ugly volume....I hope my comments were clear...even though we could still run out the Ib highs on the short term, we are building value lower than yesterday, the developing weekly VA is dropping and we can't even get back outside the VA highs of last week after we closed back under that VA high these are not bullish conditions IMHO........I think our opportunities are up.....I also said that YD and we had that big selloff later on...LOL !

but is it worth waiting around for that ?? not to me
cool how developing weekly VA low is at 47 too...
I got high of the day at 1946.25
coming out heavy at 46.25 guys with the correct data helped me see that...a big thanks !!.....sellers need to get a close back below those single of 47.25 and the IB high to have any good chance of further selling.....just because value is building lower doesn't mean we will get a huge sell off but it does help with context and your ability to sell rallies the 11:30 close is important !