ES Wednesday 6-25-14

how I see it...I'm hoping to buy into support which really would be the following areas...1940, 1937 and the bigger one at 33.50....keep in mind that weekly S1 is at 1932 also..not mentioned on the video
No video below? Try this link: wednesday.swf

I have HOD at 46 but that is about to change i 47 comment is based on weekly VA low..
Hhhmn so my data shows HOD as 1946.25 using interactive brokers data...???
maybe i,d better talk to them & find out whats going wrong...
gonna to try small shorts up here at 48.50....very small as we did get a close above single print edge and VA this idea is based on value building lower...46 has lots of volume from IB breakout...that is my ultimate target...don't want this to print 50.50 and will not actively manage but will try to take something off at 47.25...pivot point is also 47.75 today
it could be that I am looking at my MP charts which can mess things up by a tic sometimes
well we are above the weeks midpoint so if sellers are to show up and value is to keep building lower than this is an ideal place to slow down the buyers....lots of stuff up here
coming out heavy at 46.25 guys with the correct data helped me see that...a big thanks !!.....sellers need to get a close back below those single of 47.25 and the IB high to have any good chance of further selling.....just because value is building lower doesn't mean we will get a huge sell off but it does help with context and your ability to sell rallies the 11:30 close is important !