ES Thursday 8-14-14

how I see it and how the weekly charts are shaping up...note the low volume/time areas on part of weekly chart shown below...key areas today will be 46.25 and 49.25 on upside first....below is POC of yesterday and 38.50 - 40 as a zone
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oh yeah...very nice work on Printers part...I'd like to see more of that stuff.....and sharks could u explain your footprint chart and how u interpret....even better would be a thread devoted to those kind after market close would be really cool too...anytime, anywhere...or in these threads.....
The market sure is taking its time with those 31/7 multi-distributions.
I'm beginning to wonder if they will trade that 1952.75 today or just leave that for tomorrow?
I realize that my chart isn't Markey Profile per say but more of buying and selling change as a measure of Delta. On the bottom is Volume imbalance as measured by upticks and downticks. At around 10:06 am I saw -3235 Delta to the downside or selling and at 10:13 am there was -3209. My take is that is excessive and we saw prices reverse around that time. Similar to footprint charts just different terminology. Hope that helps.