ES Tuesday 9-9-14

Staring small longs in On at 98.50......this is a "sub zone and not the greatest spot but one worth taking SMALL tires at ..the video explains the rest

No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

the 10 am reports are considered medium impact today so on days like this you can expect breakouts that leave single prints behind from the 30, 60 and 90 minute ranges toget retested at some point later on in the day...
Was observing from the sidelines, Noticed how this 1990 - 1991 area has held up again as support.
Bruce you wrote that you were hoping to see a failed break below the IB L... There was a one tick undercut of that IB L, that was not enough?
yes...that was enough for me go back in one last time after runners got I am in one last campaign......with the band there and the daily s2 at 1988 today I was keeping a close watch on that.....the video explains my thinking and some other ideas
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getting out at 98.75..this is that damn LVN that started it all and I don't have enough ammo or smarts to hold for that 2000 retest if it comes...this is longest I held runners in probably 5 years...and it was held through lunch, a freebie options webinar and cutting 1/2 of my lawn.....not to mention a few email and other stuff....
the wise trader will know where that On vpoc and midpoint was....! c ya tomorrow..platform is officially shut down for trading now