ES Tuesday 9-9-14

Staring small longs in On at 98.50......this is a "sub zone and not the greatest spot but one worth taking SMALL tires at ..the video explains the rest

No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

the 10 am reports are considered medium impact today so on days like this you can expect breakouts that leave single prints behind from the 30, 60 and 90 minute ranges toget retested at some point later on in the day...
i don't mind taking small tries even though I know there may be a battle at YD's RTH low.......I know I only need one good long trade to make up for 2- 3 losses of .75 - 1.25 points
took first small loss at 92.25...trying again from 89.75....
those are the potential single prints I wanted to first 30 minute low has to be scale out to make back that small loss...I get more aggressive on the second or third try....I have a standard deviation band at 89.50 !! and fridays single print buying tails...go baby ...go !!!
how the bands look..I edited the spreadsheet so you can see the probability but look at the " down " column...this is same sheet from video
Click image for original size
trying for vpoc and vwap at 93.50....just in front of YD lows again
vpoc just shifted down...on a true trend day it will shift in one direction....on a day that plans to mean this case go back up I hope , the flip should help our long bias
scaling runners heavy at 93 even number and will leave two working to see if we can get something going on long side still....otherwise the IB is in and this is last trade campaign for me
it didn'tchange anything for me paul........perhaps it should we opened and drove away from that LVN immediately.....unusual that we haven't tested the On VPOC or the I am not convinced of this selling and we just may still be only building up a longer term bracket still and the upside is not out of the question....nobody that is bullish wants to see this buying tail get erased...84 - 86 would be next critical area if they start pushing out the lows witha bit of gusto
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Thanks for the videos and the explanations.
This pre-open, price moved down through that 98 area... How does something like this affect your interpretation of the action

reminder to all: Thursday is ROLL for the futures
was hoping to see a failed break of the IB low....this is good for bulls I if we can just get beyond that 94 swing of YD we have a shot still for midpoint and or vpoc of O/N.....
above is 97 - 98 as possible resistance......on the way to 2000......I don't initiate after 11 ( at least I am trying not too) but will manage a trade

we are in ghost town mode...hopefully everyone is busy counting their money
the wise trader will know where that On vpoc and midpoint was....! c ya tomorrow..platform is officially shut down for trading now