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ES Tuesday 9-9-14

Staring small longs in On at 98.50......this is a "sub zone and not the greatest spot but one worth taking SMALL tires at ..the video explains the rest

No video below? Try this link: Tuesday.swf

the 10 am reports are considered medium impact today so on days like this you can expect breakouts that leave single prints behind from the 30, 60 and 90 minute ranges toget retested at some point later on in the day...
no fill on my 98.50 so far.....I need another drop down...missed by a hindsight I probably should be using the area from YD MP chart that has only 2 tpo's at it...that is 98.50 - 99!!
got 98 long working in On ...gonna get interesting now
Thanks for the videos and the explanations.
This pre-open, price moved down through that 98 area... How does something like this affect your interpretation of the action

reminder to all: Thursday is ROLL for the futures
took On loser at 96.75...starting RTH longs at 94.75...starting small...plan will be to add at 92.75 if it drops that far..targeting 96.50
coming out heavy at I added at weekly S1 of 92.75.....vpoc flipped to the 93.74 which helped us so far....I'm not convinced this doesn't have a shot to go back to 2000 today but that 92 - 94.50 is now the key...just took off another at days midpoint and now trying to hold two runners
overnight low is at days midpoint so I don't expect this to go up easy ...assuming they will keep trying to push it up...and hoping they do
I'm pretty sure I must be a dope... I just can't think as fast as you do. Thanks for the observation about the O/N Low and the midpoint.
runners snagged...will think again if they can get back above YD's RTH lows...basically the 94 - 95 spot..minor report coming ...other idea would be to see single prints on a breakout down after the report to set up longs in the 86.50 - 89 zone
I may be the bigger dope for thinking that I had caught the Low of the day
Originally posted by PAUL9

I'm pretty sure I must be a dope... I just can't think as fast as you do. Thanks for the observation about the O/N Low and the midpoint.
trying small longs at 93...watching 91.50 - 92 closely and will not be adding on these small tries...trying to get to 95.25
the wise trader will know where that On vpoc and midpoint was....! c ya tomorrow..platform is officially shut down for trading now
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