ES Thursday 10-9-14

lots of strength YD ...key downside areas are 53.50 - 55 and use 61 ( close as a ultimate target)....above I like the 69 area then explains the rest...will post an MP chart of O/N against YD soon
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i added more ramble...just a different way of looking at the same stuff but I watch later if interested...nothing new here

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so we are at a spot now that only closes lower 5% of the time so even I will be trading at this spot now........and none of us would want to see our 28.50 - 30 area level below is an LVn at 23.75.....keep it small anyway......we should come back to at least 32.75 but there is always the 5 % of the time that we actually will close under a 95 % band.... didn't expect this far of a push but was concerned about those big singles from yesterday.....anyway...long is my plan from here
oh yeah...and we have two sets of singles on the charts target is at the closest one...
Had VPOC from yesterday at 27 and we bounced right off of it
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Another way of seeing that big volume at 27 in the circled area
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very nice new kid.....that's what I like to c !!
since the market has treated us well I am taking my last long / trade of the day at the 23.75 lvn....will use 27.25 as target
oh crap...too fast a late post ....but it was that lvn I mentioned was reason for entry and target was wanting to get out in front of 28.50.... c ya tomorrow
I am either going to be stopped out on one runner at 23.25 or I will target 3 tics below the 90 minute low......way up near 45...I have no other ammo or else I'd be peeling off as we traveled ...especially if we hit 37 - 39 area......remember only 5 % of the time we will close under 29.50 ! and 12 % of the time that 37 - 39 area
oh forget it...If I can get 35.50 as a final I will take it....who the hell am I way I could hold for 90 minute low from down here with one freaking contract left!!

that's it for me ....I see this big volume line sticking out at 1936......hence my 35.50 target......great to see volatility back in the market !!
here is that volume line........look to the histogram on the right at 1936
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volume line