ES Thursday 10-9-14

lots of strength YD ...key downside areas are 53.50 - 55 and use 61 ( close as a ultimate target)....above I like the 69 area then explains the rest...will post an MP chart of O/N against YD soon
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i added more ramble...just a different way of looking at the same stuff but I watch later if interested...nothing new here

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I think aggressive traders should be getting long in O/N at 56 or less and target 60.....but be prepared as they may need to test down into the 53.50 - 55 early on..
a pic of how part of the O/N is playing against the upper end of yesterday and the first set of single prints
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and also some levels from my selective Volume profile chart

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starting rth buys at 56 but keeping it small as the On trade worked and we already tested upper volume...they may need to print 53.50 still
taking something off at 59.75.....I know 60 - 61.25 is an area many are wathcing...will try to hold two but don't have a great feeling yet
if we get one more test down now at 9:45 into 56 my runners will stop out...otherwise I will try for YD highs and that O/N high...which will take a small miracle...most interesting thing for me today is that my 1/2 SD bands fall almost exactly at the O/N high and low and we know those run out 95 % or more...but holding for that is a different game indeed
very small long at concern is they may want to test down into 48 and we are under the first set of singles this is aggressive...and will exit on loss or gain quicker than usual...many times they will test the vpoc of first 30 minute bar but we haven't finished that time period yet
taking something at 52.75...that O/N low and that 53.50 SD line is just above
I'm burned out today....just can't do this and trade ........but here is my last video of the day's probably more relevant to traders who are new here.....but I wanted to show that weekly LVN which was really a low TIME spot....I expect the 30 minute vpoc to get retested still today up at 57 but not in this anymore..some of this ramble is just sorry if there is more potatoes than meat on this video but hope some find it useful
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56.25 - 56.50 is where my 30 minute vpoc is...not 57
I try to present many different ways of what often turns out to be the same areas...find one or two that you like to confirm your areas and take the trades....
here is that volume line........look to the histogram on the right at 1936
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volume line