ES Monday 11-17-14

Volatility numbers for the day. We have already touched the 1/2 band in O/N

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scratched it at B/E. Just too ugly
Knowing my luck, it is probably going to move lower now.
I have no idea which way this is going to go today. for me here this is 50/50 up/down
and there it goes. Grrr...
What changed from the reason you shorted?
NQ held VWAP
It looked like it was going to break to the upside and it was just taking for ever. Instead I should have had more trust in the weekly pivot @ 35.75 to hold. Too quick to pull the trigger
Looks like an open drive...
(or are my "open drive issues" messin' with my mind again?)
My point is be able to explain to someone else why you enter a trade and until that changed stay with the trade.
Looks like VPOC shifted up here to 36.50
value is ovelapping to lower so those trying to get O/N midpoint should eventually hit that but you certainly wouldn't want this to get back above Fridays Va high