ES Monday 11-17-14

Volatility numbers for the day. We have already touched the 1/2 band in O/N

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'After the fact' with my "open drive issues" helping me today:
long 2033.50 exit 2038.50 (O/N high)

That's it for me for today.
Time for some reading Mind over Markets.

Have a nice day, everyone.

average price in for me now is 39 even.....don't want this too far above 41.50 as uncle point
due to add on I am taking something off only at 37.50.........just in case this needs to go back up
here is how my weekly chart looks...same chart as video but today is unfolding into my zone...trying to get single fill i/ air pocket on last
Click image for original size
i still have a gap in data at 33 if I get that 36.50 area to fill then will try to hold one for that final target and let somebody else go for midpoint...too much stuff down here
revising final plan as I lost a contract while posting....LOL.....damn...
i thought I had only one left but lost track............haven't done that blunder in a while...I'm usually good at keeping track of my inventory!!
nice trade for the air pocket. Filled it in nicely..
that was a beauty.....30 minute bars have highest probability of leaving single prints in tact but since there were no big reports and it was inside that bigger value I thought we had good odds to go fill it
error in data was at 34 even...not 33,,,,,last came off at in data at 37.25 TOO.........but not traDING ANYMORE
value is ovelapping to lower so those trying to get O/N midpoint should eventually hit that but you certainly wouldn't want this to get back above Fridays Va high