ES Thursday 1-8-15

Note the change in bands. Now I am tracking only the 4pm close but both for 365 days as well as for 252 days. Use as you wish. I personally will see what lines up where and then use for confirmation.

Daily chart for tomorrow to follow soon
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i'm on 38 even ...front running my greenie and hating it so far
avergae in is 38.50 now.......want it back to open range print......
this needs to drop now...
planning on having more than one test of my 38.25 greenie from above......they often like to push 2 points above them......same thing applies.....if wrong then 42 is in their plan
so far one win, one failure and selling 42 now
scalper in me says we need to get back to air pocket at 40.50 at least and greenie at 38.25
if we don't get the back and fill especially to the 40.50 then this might actually push up to 47.50....yikes....I want to see our 42 work some magic now....42.50 is my average up here...keeping everything smaller today
revising any target on shorts up here to 40.75......that is low time price
the momentum was all to upside coming in so i should have been looking to go long rather than short. and then when we hit the zones, start fading from there. still trying to figure out what trading style suits me. sigh.
running out of patience and my 42.50 seems to be trying to become support...this needs to happen now ( sell off)or I will exit and wait util gap close fills from fridays session too think about shorts again but the 48 would be better
thanks for the video Bruce and the notes. the greenies turned from resistance to support very quickly and i am going to have to adapt to that well enough to not lose money. i pay yet more tuition to the market. i am really hoping it pays off over time....