ES Thursday 1-8-15

Note the change in bands. Now I am tracking only the 4pm close but both for 365 days as well as for 252 days. Use as you wish. I personally will see what lines up where and then use for confirmation.

Daily chart for tomorrow to follow soon
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30-min VPOC at 42.75..
a look at the low time price I am tryingto target at 40.75 and my 42.50 building time....heavy green line in histogram...while I think the 40.75 will get filled in I also think they are gonna pop it up to try and shake us out
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a very poor high they should run that out still
30 min VPOC at 43
took another loser at 44.25 ...trying last short attempt from 46.50 with plan to add at 48.....targeting 44.50 to make up for last loser and clear my head...
I donot consider that greenie at 38.25 to be properly tested....I'm certainly not saying that it will come back to that as I have no idea but it is possible...we've only had one pivot number print and the next one is way up at 2054...deep down I think they want that 48 though conflicts for me today..taking something at 44.75 print
i have R2 at 35.25 so i do not see any pivot numbers printed. which one do you have as printed?
starting new campaign at 48 print....will add at 49.50 if it prints and uncle point is near is 45.75....48 is a greenie...will two fail to generate profits for us today ???
u r error
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i have R2 at 35.25 so i do not see any pivot numbers printed. which one do you have as printed?
today has been absolutely brutal... hope i can keep taking the beatings..
thanks for the video Bruce and the notes. the greenies turned from resistance to support very quickly and i am going to have to adapt to that well enough to not lose money. i pay yet more tuition to the market. i am really hoping it pays off over time....