ES Thursday 1-8-15

Note the change in bands. Now I am tracking only the 4pm close but both for 365 days as well as for 252 days. Use as you wish. I personally will see what lines up where and then use for confirmation.

Daily chart for tomorrow to follow soon
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can't get married to a position for too long and take the small loss and try again......I'm hoping to make a video later of my bad trades....this greenie is a better example of how the SHOULD work...I have two low time spots on my charts at 44.75 and one at 40.75......breakout traders are obviously winning so far and Ib is about to complete..
i know. that has been my biggest weakness. staying with a bad position too long. need to get better at it real fast...
more time spent at the 48 then the 43 so this is the "P" pattern now...expecting some selling ....I hope !!....but can't get good targets yet.....frustrating day
are those triples on the 5min bars.. now quads... what is the rule about running the triples? they run them out? at 2048.25?
u got your answer daddy wolf and another reason I took off contracts without hitting my 45.75 missed by one tick....
sold 50.50...runners trying for 47.50 ...that is peak time today....last try of the day for's almost 11

edit typo...too fast to trade and type today...took the 48 retest and runners will try for 45.75......but getting through 48 might be tough....It's a greenie...!
%$#$....can't trade and post today...It happens on days that are challengeing....sorry...
47.50 - 48 holds the key ...seems more logical for it to hold and they go up for official 51.50 target
no worries Bruce. today has been very difficult overall so we understand
gonna make a video later of trades...good and bad for self but will post here for those interested........probably won't get to it until after 1 pm......
thanks for the video Bruce and the notes. the greenies turned from resistance to support very quickly and i am going to have to adapt to that well enough to not lose money. i pay yet more tuition to the market. i am really hoping it pays off over time....