ES Monday 1-12-15

Good morning to all. Here are today's bands. Good luck to all and hope everyone has a great week!

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we are in the upper part of bell curve from 1-7.........many will be watching 18.75 - 23.50 closely I think...I know I am watching it...and that is all I am doing....just watching........!!!!!!...odds favor retest of 26 and 29 if I was trading I would be buying above the highs of the low bars and take many stabs down here
one SD band has hit already too....
based on 365

I lead ignorance (or failure to pay attention)... What is 28.75?
Originally posted by PAUL9

I lead ignorance (or failure to pay attention)... What is 28.75?

a greenie that we blew through..
i would consider going long around 18.5 if we get there...
yeah, the marvels of greenies... I have no greenie there
I have 32.75 and and 2026.25

just too messy to get long here. order flow is muddled up. think i will wait. for those who care, 30-min VPOC @ 22
I have a greenie from 1-2 at 28.75 ...and I don't consider that a good test or high odds we come back to it still....sure wish the analysis gave us the "WHEN"...this is too much too soon I think...but a failure at this 18.75 will have them push to 12 - 13 .......
agreed. think they go for the VAL of 1/7
thanks for that note Bruce. i have not heard of this magazine. will look into it..