ES Monday 1-12-15

Good morning to all. Here are today's bands. Good luck to all and hope everyone has a great week!

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thanks new kid...I think I'm going to take small longs now that first 30 minutes is up and we are so far stretched...seems like they need to do lots of tests above ////like the 18 for starters.
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just too messy to get long here. order flow is muddled up. think i will wait. for those who care, 30-min VPOC @ 22
OK, Jan 2 Greenie...

....that's a greenie of a different color... Thanks for the update. I see it.
one minute time chart has poc at 18 even...confirms the 18.75 greenie for we want to get it away from there and go up ...the sooner the your 22 and the s1 at 23.50 would be nice......
got out at BE. could not quite get to the 22..
grrrr... now we hit 22....was too impatient...
bell curve that is forming now has 19.50 as center at 23.50 as upper edge
they might try to find value lower. they are not succeeding in finding it higher so far...
i think the 28.75 retest is still coming they seem to be rejecting the center of the 1-7 bell and couldn't get out of ib low......we'll see if they fail to retest that greenie
agreed. they tried going lower multiple times but keep making higher highs on every swing up
I really want to see them get out of those double bracket highs of 1-6 and 1-7......and stay out !!!!...not looking so great and this could probably go either way.....hey, brilliant ....the market can always go up or down.....ha...... so they may need to go retest the 19.....anyway it's almost 11 a.m......putting runner stop at 18.50 and walking away....have alert set at 28.25....not worth watching 2 me...good luck if u stay and play
thanks for that note Bruce. i have not heard of this magazine. will look into it..