ES Thursday 1-15-15

Here are the bands for Thursday. On Wednesday we came within 1 point of the 2 SD band which meant there was a 95% chance we were not going to close beyond that. Yikes!
The open itself was close to the 1.28 SD value (80% chance) so that was interesting.
Maybe if we open so far off, we expect at least an attempt to close the gap? They tried and failed today but there was definitely a rally at the open. Something to ponder over...

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my money is on 93 and then 84..

not real money of
now may be back to 89 and then 84 >>>
the 84 greenie is just screaming for it....
that last 30 minute bar had almost a perfect bell shape...taking small short to see if I can get back to 93.75...if wrong then we may start to trend away..98.25 and 2001 are key resistance points I am watching from the 97.50.......
here is the way that bell looks...tuff time to trade as bonds close so keep all small
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thirty bell
how do u get all those tpos stucked in one 30 min bar Bruce? can you show me the settings for it? thanks ya go......let me know if ya have any troubles.....first set to 30 minutes then see second picture..."Time per letter"
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cool, thanks !