ES Thursday 1-15-15

Here are the bands for Thursday. On Wednesday we came within 1 point of the 2 SD band which meant there was a 95% chance we were not going to close beyond that. Yikes!
The open itself was close to the 1.28 SD value (80% chance) so that was interesting.
Maybe if we open so far off, we expect at least an attempt to close the gap? They tried and failed today but there was definitely a rally at the open. Something to ponder over...

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2005 - 2007.75 is critical for me now......they may use that as support and go back to the 2011
big question now is what about the 2001....that lvn in On and a number had had doubts about marking off.from YD day session........????/c'mon greenie magnet...........
so far no pivot numbers have revising final target to PP at 1999.50 and somebody else can have that greenie below
good trading Bruce. right on with that PP
i still think greenie will print but no ammo and just as well...that was the best 10 minutes I have had in a long time.....hope this kind of volatility sticks around
i misread the opening pattern and made a rookie mistake.... it was too late before i realized what i had done.... another lesson learned... comprehend things quickly because you dont have a lot of time...
thanks and the even more greedy among us got that more trades for me,,,,,,,that was just a gift so no sense giving back any part of that gift just to say I am a day trader..........I prefer to think of myself as a trader, who trades early ( first 90 minutes) and tries to make money and be satisfied over trading for me....been there and done that !!!....any one new to all this needs to study the bell curves.....

look how they opened right at the center of Tuesdays bell...tired and got above the upper low volume edge at 14 and ran out of gas....then fell back into the bell and back to the center at can make a lot of money with just that kind of idea.....where we fail is we take too many trades and hold for too long......the rest of this was just dumb luck but knowing about greenies and O/N midpoint magnets can help u get lucky with runners only.. always take core trades off at closest target and then hope for more
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good trading Bruce. right on with that PP
new kid is your vpoc on 30 minute at 1999 right now ?
30-min VPOC @ 98.5
cool I have time poc off first 30 minute at 99...close enough....thanks
cool, thanks !