ES Thursday 1-15-15

Here are the bands for Thursday. On Wednesday we came within 1 point of the 2 SD band which meant there was a 95% chance we were not going to close beyond that. Yikes!
The open itself was close to the 1.28 SD value (80% chance) so that was interesting.
Maybe if we open so far off, we expect at least an attempt to close the gap? They tried and failed today but there was definitely a rally at the open. Something to ponder over...

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Picture for the day

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~433k of volume in O/N so far with a range of 41.25 points. Yikes! Looks like a lot of stops got run..
FWIW, we have gone 1 SD in each direction in O/N so far and now are back below the 0.5 SD value
here is how the lines have worked so far in O/N. not too shabby at all...
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key price for me is 2011.25....refining areas some more I would look at 2014, 2019 ...2022.75, 2026.75 .......key thought for me is that if greenies get tested often then are they going to be able to rally it all the way to 2045 - 2047 or does it seem easier to come back to YD greenie at 2005- 07.75 too ..lvn from overnight and questionable spot at 2001 may come into play ....prefer sells even though I want market to rally today

video ramble for those who have time mentioned YD Mondays bell curve and single prints from Tuesdays session to confirm...that is critical resistence if bulls are going to win over this week.....selling up near 14 now in On........midpoint sits below at 06.50...but target is 2011 because it is another zone is video ramble
No video below? Try this link: thursday.swf

on video I changed 2009 to 2011 as a key number...I can't have too many so booted the 2009
starting rth shorts at 2015........
see if we can get back to 11.50
tyryingto hold 2 runners one for 07.75 and the other for 1997.50
revising final target to 1998 but this probably has lots of back and fill to me getting final with take a miracle...
cool, thanks !