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ES Thursday 1-15-15

Here are the bands for Thursday. On Wednesday we came within 1 point of the 2 SD band which meant there was a 95% chance we were not going to close beyond that. Yikes!
The open itself was close to the 1.28 SD value (80% chance) so that was interesting.
Maybe if we open so far off, we expect at least an attempt to close the gap? They tried and failed today but there was definitely a rally at the open. Something to ponder over...

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that was a nice retest......didn't trade for it but still a beautiful thing to watch....i find that the one minute can really help simulate a volume value area too.....look at the thick red lines as part of yesterdays histogram ( up at 2004.75 and down at 1992.75 ) .....part of the reason I had the 2005 on my radar this morning...anyway they can help u define zones...and look at the pop off the 92 area just now...also the weekly S1 is at 92.50 this week....
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what are those thick red lines? value areas? or something you marked off?
the software does it autoMagically are the settings
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I watched this documentary the other night...fantastic.... if u ever get a chance and like stories about the forgotten that get redemption then watch it......and also write some amazing tunes about the things going on in the early 70's but could apply to today too......heres a quick sample....

here's another
thanks. looks like the VA to me..

Originally posted by BruceM

the software does it autoMagically are the settings
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clearing bad highs/lows has become somewhat of a hobby for me.... lol... i have used it reduce my losses today and made some extra money yesterday on it.. thanks for that nugget Bruce... that has served me well
your 1.0 band on 365 nailed current days low so far...I expect 95.50 - 96 to reprint...but what about last weeks lows....? r they gonna print another tpo there...? sure wish I knew.....another reason I don't trade well after 11 am....
good call on the 95-9. i expected them to get back to 92 because of a bad low and they did do that as well..
well I had a magic 30 minute / one minute POC there ...ha !!!
now it's gonna be 84 or 93 retest soon...just don't know which one will happen first
cool, thanks !
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