ES Friday 1-23-15

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.

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reports at 9.45 and 10 am Eastern today
December's VPOC was at 62.75 and we have a greenie at 63.5. The O/N stopped at 62.5 so the huge volume there definitely stopped it there.

In RTH i will try taking shorts to cover the single prints we left from YD. i am more short oriented this morning..
here's how I have it.....key areas are 51 - 53 and 45 - 47.50 on downside.....sells ideally are in 63 - 64 and much better if 51- 53 hasn't tested before then....then a bigger zone at 67 - 70 as an upper bell curve...some will be using 61 as it is the weekly 1 sd band's ok to try on long side off last weeks highs in O/N but if we are really wrong we could drop down to 45 - 47.50 careful
No video below? Try this link: final_friday.swf

anything long under 51.75 should try to take something off at 54 first just in case the low time spot at 54 and O/N POC means something
i like the sells off of 63-64 as well but i dont know if they can get up there...
30 min VPOC @ 51.25 but i dont find it helpful at all. everything is bulky. looks like they decided to fill in the volume on those singles all at once..
this is quite a fight going on and i am on the sidelines because of it...
OK, what does it mean when the 2nd bracket is inside the first? More power for a breakout of the IB?
my guess is yes. it is like compressing a spring and so it should give out at some point... so whenever the breakout occurs, i will take a trade in that direction. 63 target if upside and 40 if downside..

Originally posted by PAUL9

OK, what does it mean when the 2nd bracket is inside the first? More power for a breakout of the IB?

the way it looks to me right now, higher chance of a breakout to the upside but i am keeping an open mind about it..
anyone going for more would really want this to stay above 51.50 - 52.50....last weeks highs....profile is balanced so far u can't be sure that they will just keep driving it back to the center.....ok....gotta get to my second job now !!