ES Monday 2-23-15

I am finally feeling well again so here are the bands for the day. Since now we are trading at all time highs, the volatility bands should hopefully guide us a bit more. On the upper side, the bigger focus in on the weekly 0.5 band at 2125 which goes nicely with the weekly R2 at 2126. I am not saying whether we get there or not, but if we do see any upside elongation, this area would be of interest. Since last Friday was an outside day encapsulating the entire week, Monday's daily pivot numbers are the same as the weekly pivots. Good luck to all.

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yup, i too see 2103 as the vpoc
only good thing is that we have been consolidating above the breakout point of last thursdays highs....if we can keep doing this then it seems logical to expect greenies above to print instead of expecting the ones at the 92 area to trying to still keep bias to the long side....but damn that 2103 is a tuff cookie
here's one thing I don't like... double distribution in the overnight.
BUT I guess if we get up through 2105.50 then can see higher.

I know it was an overnight profile, but seems those double distributions are tough to get through once you're in one lobe or the other.
got 1 tick into OR and failed. That is definitely not a good sign for upwards movement
while I stalk last long try for today....

Who says opposites don't attract....

first pic is wife and kids snow man -
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then of course there is mine -
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last is my two little ones having some fun

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good looking snowman
you just have a poor man's snowman :)
only thing that will change my mind on long side is if we start building some time at 98.25...that's my pain threshold today and on this last try.....sure wish Ib low wasn't were it is but we'll see
Great pic!
Is that a solar panel in the background?
well mine is true Vermont...recycled, sticks, orange peals......theirs has " store bought" wife is from Connecticut....that's they way they roll em down there ...!!!
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you just have a poor man's snowman :)
a lot fewer than most. Highs/lows open/close