ES Monday 2-23-15

I am finally feeling well again so here are the bands for the day. Since now we are trading at all time highs, the volatility bands should hopefully guide us a bit more. On the upper side, the bigger focus in on the weekly 0.5 band at 2125 which goes nicely with the weekly R2 at 2126. I am not saying whether we get there or not, but if we do see any upside elongation, this area would be of interest. Since last Friday was an outside day encapsulating the entire week, Monday's daily pivot numbers are the same as the weekly pivots. Good luck to all.

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i definitely did not have that on my radar today. i was more leaning towards 2100 but i guess that was too obvious

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damn...what is that some kind on monthly pivot or something ??? gheesh.......I knew that one was touble from the start today
EURO IB LOW 2103, just sayin'
took 2105 new high..trying for 06.50 on last
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took 2105 new high..trying for 06.50 on last

2106 is just above EURO IB HI
pulled the plug at 06.25 print...nothing left.......good observation big mike...never looked at that Ib but perhaps I should...not sure that they don't need to retest Ib high and not worth it to hold for me anymore.
that is a good observation Big Mike and it is interesting to see those numbers come into play. My concern would be that there would be so many numbers to look at that we would have one at every point! and we would get overwhelmed by them. what else do you look at?
a lot fewer than most. Highs/lows open/close