ES Tuesday 3-3-2015

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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targeting todays vah, then maybe open 109.5
nice highier high,after 5 lower lows. Almost took them out in first min of
Really would love to see eur/usd start selling this afternoon. Maybe hit new lows overnight.
taking small pull backs to 03.25 long to try and get peak time at 05.50...gonna try three times and call it a day.....I don't want to see a 30 minte close beyond the Ib low....
i would only get long if we get down to 2.5 again on a slow pace, else i am going to sit this one out
hate the fact that we have all those matching lows....ok three of them on the lows...shows no buying impulse....increases the odds of a run out
that is why i am nervous about entering long. we would be going against value, which is lower for the day too. i really like them to get back to 5.5 but just not sure
ONLY good thing is that we have 30 minute lower highs so we know they will bust a high eventually
they are going stop hunting i think. they cannot resist the stops below Friday and last week's lows. that is what is keeping out of my longs
my ideal longs are 98 - 99.50 but acting like an amateur and am afraid i will miss it....gonna have to sit this out...there was no trade above low of highbar after the test back to 03.25.....and good thing there wasn't
my bad, i was referring to the range of yesterday coming in at 97.50. But the 150% extension for me came in at 95.5. ie 50% of yesterdays range, 6.5 below yesterdays low of 2102 comes in at 2095.50.