ES Tuesday 3-3-2015

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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took loser at 06....trying again from 05.25 and 04.50 if it now 07.75
revising add point to 04 even....
fades are all harder because we all ready tested magnet area....and seem to be rejecting...also volume better than yesterday on these down careful....!
took loser at 04.50.....2 losses in rth so far today,,,cautious as we are getting under Yd lows and last weeks va low..
gonna try from 03...ltn's at 04.75 and up at 07.75
30 min VPOC @ 3.5. It shifted down from 9.75
i'm not showing a midpoint test and also have vpoc/poc way up at 09.50 from 30 minute....anyone confirm?
coming out heavy at 05 to make up for second loss.....will try to hold for 07.50 and 09.25
we did not test midpoint, came a tic shy of it. the vpoc was at 9.75 but shifted down to 3.5 just before the close of the 30 min period. the difference in volume is ~300 contracts. 14,086 vs 14, 435
yes vpoc at 3.5 and poc shifted to 6.25
my bad, i was referring to the range of yesterday coming in at 97.50. But the 150% extension for me came in at 95.5. ie 50% of yesterdays range, 6.5 below yesterdays low of 2102 comes in at 2095.50.