ES Tuesday 3-3-2015

Bands for the day. Good luck to all.
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Feb VPOC: 2107.5
Feb POC: 2091.25
Weekly VPOC: 2109
Weekly POC: 2110
Dec Hi: 2088.75
Last week's Low: 2099.75
All time high: 2117.75

Very kind of your to post the bands etc each day newkid...wondered how important the weekly poc's are...are they equal to previous days vah, val and poc?
@ Pants, I am not sure how exactly I would quantify it but I think they are fairly important. The market usually tends to like these locations as they act like magnets and try to get to them. Obviously the POC/VPOC is where the most business has occurred and it terms of Bruce's nomenclature, they are the centers of the bell curves so act like magnets. As far as the weekly VAH/VAL, I would look at it in context. They would be more of places of pause than magnets. Again, nothing works 100% of the time and I do not have any quantified research numbers behind this theory but just an observation on my part.
Thanks for that newkid...they weren't on my radar, but now they are. Appreciate the reply!
here's how I have it and a video for those who want to hear some other thoughts
No video below? Try this link: tuesday.swf

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plan for me is currently long ...and I know official POC is in my way to get back to O/N midpoint and magnet at 10.75
if you look at your profile from yesterday there are really two POC's..the only reason the 09.75 is officail POC is because it is closer to YD's midpoint......otherwise 2111 could be poc 09.75 - 2111 is our magnet ZONE today
and lets keep in mind that YD we failed to print the 30 minute that can be support and also MAY increase the odds of returning to Today's 30 minute after it completes....although statisically it doesn't matter but I always assume that the market players remember when something fails and they try harder not have it fail two days or more in a row.....

call me crazy i lets get through this 09 to upper target and midpoint before RTH opens.....otherwsie we may have to work harder if we trade under On lows first today
starting rth longs at 06.75...targeting 8.50
ltn at 07.75......poor low so far
my bad, i was referring to the range of yesterday coming in at 97.50. But the 150% extension for me came in at 95.5. ie 50% of yesterdays range, 6.5 below yesterdays low of 2102 comes in at 2095.50.